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AFRICAN  CORNER: An African Inspired Christmas

Hey guys! Welcome to another edition of African corner, our weekly series that is solely focused on bringing to you, a truly African experience that appeals to your home and décor needs. On today’s edition, which we would like to very much think of as a special edition, we would be  reading about interesting ways to take an African direction in decorating our spaces in for  the holidays! So stick around as we bring to you, an African Inspired Christmas

Yes guys! It’s that time of the year when we have to take on major efforts in paying attention to how our homes look and basically just allowing the mood of the season seep into our spaces. It’s very typical of most people to hit the malls and shop for fancy ornaments, trees, Christmas lights and all other accessories, but have you ever considered the possibility of customizing your own Christmas accessories? That fancy spread of Red patterned Ankara wrapper that has been abandoned in your wardrobe, do you know you can decorate a lot with it? Do you also know that you can create your own Nativity Scene with some of the most basic items that are lying around in your house? There are so many other ways to go about Africanizing your Christmas decorations, and we would start the list with a Christmas essential, Christmas greeting cards!

Christmas cards

While it’s never a bad idea to go out and shop for Christmas greeting cards from stores, how about trying something more original this holiday? Your own custom handmade cards using the Ankara fabric. There are so many options as to which patterns you can make on the card. You can have your children cut out Christmas trees, canes or ornaments. Apart from sending the cards out to your loved ones, decorate your home with it by placing the cards in strategic positions or simply glue the cards on a frame and hang it against the wall.

AFRICAN  CORNER: An African Inspired Christmas

Christmas stockings  

Put warm smiles of the faces of your family and friends during this holiday by decorating your home with these lovely and carefully thought-out Ankara stockings.  A Christmas stocking is an empty sock or sock-shaped bag that is hung on Christmas Eve so that Santa Claus or (Father Christmas) can fill it with small toys, candy, fruit and coins or other small gifts when he arrives.

AFRICAN  CORNER: An African Inspired Christmas

Christmas ornaments

I wasn’t joking when I mentioned that your stash of unused print materials will be put to good use this season! Ease into the spirit of the season by adorning your space with your custom handmade ornaments. These African inspired ornaments are a great way to install the warmth of Africa into your home this holiday, and even more interesting, it’s a fun  way to grow the bond with your children.

AFRICAN  CORNER: An African Inspired Christmas

The Nativity Scene

Willing to go a little more extra in your decorations? What you need is definitely A Nativity Scene, an African inspired one at that! Displaying a nativity scene in your home is a loved Christmas tradition for many Christian families. There are many varieties of nativities, from nativity sets with movable figures, to single-piece nativities.

AFRICAN  CORNER: An African Inspired Christmas

Alright guys, that is all we can take on today’s edition of African corner, we hope you found our post about An African Inspired Christmas interesting. If you do decide to carry out any of the projects, do send us a picture, we would absolutely love to see it. Comments, questions or observations? Do not hesitate to drop them in the comment section, we always love to hear from you!

How to keep a smart hazard-free kitchen this holiday

Helloooo guys! Welcome to another beautiful Monday to shine and be the absolute best version of yourself! I hope the weekend was totally amazing and you made the best use of your weekend with family and friends? Yes yes, I trust you did! So guys, as you can tell, Christmas is almost upon us and for that reason most of our posts will be centred around helping you navigate a perfect Christmas celebration with your family. Today, the kitchen is our destination. How can we keep a smart and user friendly kitchen in the midst of all the heavy cooking and frying during Christmas? How to keep a smart hazard-free kitchen this holiday answers all

Accidents in kitchens spike during the holiday season – especially during festive seasons like Christmas/New year celebrations, with a lot of spike in reported fires. It’s a time of the year when families might spend more minutes than usual prepping, cooking, frying, pounding and doing a whole lot of heavy kitchen duty. From fire safety to personal safety, there’s a lot to be mindful of, so be prepared this holiday season with these simple tips.


Make sure the electrical outlets in your home are up to code.

Whether it’s your first time hosting the holidays, or the first season celebrating in your new home, you’ll be using your electrical system to the max. Make sure your kitchen outlets are in proper working condition. It’s not a nice feeling to get an electric shock while trying to use the boiling kettle or blender.  Check all of your cords on your small appliances to make sure they’re in good shape.

How to keep a smart hazard-free kitchen this holiday

Be sure to own a fire extinguisher

This might seem obvious, but you might be surprised at how many homes in our dear Nigeria aren’t equipped with an extinguisher for small kitchen fires. Its adviceable  to keep at least two fire extinguishers in your home. One should be placed in the kitchen since that’s where a fire outbreak is most likely to occur from. Keep it in a convenient and easy to access space. You can put it beneath the kitchen sink.

How to keep a smart hazard-free kitchen this holiday

Know how to prevent cooking fires

  • Be alert and present, whether you’re cooking on the range, in the oven or in a smaller appliance.
  • Don’t leave cooking food unattended.
  • Keep rags and paper towels away from the range.
  • When frying on the stovetop, reserve an extra container of baking soda in your pantry to battle a sudden grease fire.
  • If you’re deep frying a turkey, set up your cooking station outdoors 10+ feet away from your home and deck, keep a fire extinguisher outside with you, and never leave the fryer unattended. Be cautious when it comes to dropping in the turkey and removing it, as oil that spills from the fryer onto the burner can cause a fire.

How to keep a smart hazard-free kitchen this holiday

Monitor running appliances.

Though less common, it’s advisable to never leave home while you are cooking or running electrical appliances in your kitchen. In the midst of all the heavy Christmas cooking, make sure you keep tabs on running appliances. If you think you will forget about the turkey in the microwave or the rice in the cooker, bring someone else’s attention to it, to avoid hazards.

How to keep a smart hazard-free kitchen this holiday

Sharpen your knives.

Kitchen knives might be an afterthought, but it’s actually more dangerous to operate dull knives. Familiarize your self with all knife sharpening methods and have well tuned instruments this season.

Be babyproofed.

It might be an afterthought if you’re without young kids, but if you’re entertaining guests, especially in this our Nigeria, they would most likely come with a kid or two,  make them feel safer with a little baby proofing. Move any cleaning supplies in base cabinets to a higher shelf, and make sure pots and pans on the stove have the handles turned to the sides or angled back towards the wall, so they can’t easily be grabbed and knocked or pulled down.

How to keep a smart hazard-free kitchen this holiday

Alright guys, i hope you found today’s post  useful! Share your comments, questions and observations in the comment section below, we always love to hear from you!

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5 smart hacks for a cheap Christmas décor

Hey guys! How have y’all been? Sorry we haven’t been around over the past few weeks. We have been up and down trying to give y’all a better experience! And yes, I can gladly announce that there is something exciting underway! You need to watch this space. Christmas is just twenty-something days away..yaaay!! I’m super excited! It’s almost that time of the year when we start to see colourful display fancy Christmas decorations. So as a comeback, I have decided to share 5 smart hacks for a cheap Christmas  décor with us.  Do read along!

Christmas in this part of the world can get as fancy as it gets, but then again, with a rather challenging list of priorities, a lot of people settle for an almost non-existent  décor  or no Christmas decoration at all. No matter how we try to coat it, this isn’t right at all. One of the highlights of the Christmas season all around the world is the Christmas decoration. It’s usually a fun activity carried out by members of the family. It strengthens relationships and helps everyone feel appreciated for their contribution over the course of the year and ahead of the imminent year. However, while its understandable that fingers are not equal, there are smart ways to go about creating the right Christmas mood in your homes during the season. They are smart, cheap and innovative ways to make your space pop and strongly send a warm message of love to everyone that comes visiting during the season. So here are the 5 smart hacks for a cheap Christmas décor this holiday.


One of the Christmas decoration accessories you are sure to find in every Nigerian home during the season is the Christmas light. I mean, it’s relatively cheap and easy to use; and it does a good job. However, there’s still an easy way to get more out of the 500 naira you’ll be spending on Christmas lights. To give an extra boost to the simple Christmas décor hack, paint it in gold to have a more pleasing effect in your home. You only need to paint the light-cords to get this hack going.

5 smart hacks for a cheap Christmas décor
Gold coated Christmas lights


5 smart hacks for a cheap Christmas décor


For those of us that have dining tables or a centre-table in the living room, this hack is definitely one to give a try. And like the first, it’s simple and cheap and would cost you very little or nothing at all. For this hack, simply get a nice transparent vase and fill it up with glitter balls. You can place it on the dining table or on the centre-table. It’s a quick, innovative and unique way to decorate your space for the season.

5 smart hacks for a cheap Christmas décor



It’s the holiday season, the children will be home with you, why not get them busy and creative by getting them to design artificial Christmas cards? This next hack is another refreshing way to design your home for the season with little or no cost at all. Get involved with your kids, have them design patterns on cardboards and cut them up into stars, cone or triangles. Get some glue and paste them neatly onto a tray, and you have your artificial Christmas trees. This particular hack helps you build a connection with your kids and also gives them a feeling of inclusion.

5 smart hacks for a cheap Christmas décor
Paper Christmas trees


5 smart hacks for a cheap Christmas décor


The fourth Christmas décor hack out of our 5 smart hacks for a cheap Christmas décor is a little bit similar to the first, but here, you are doing something else with your lights. You are not coating them in gold paints, instead, you are pinning them onto a canvas to form a Christmas tree. The canvas can be hanged on the wall, or you could just place them in a perfect corner, where you can also get to display your Christmas gifts.

5 smart hacks for a cheap Christmas décor
Light canvas Christmas tree


Finally on our list of 5 smart hacks for a cheap Christmas décor we have this interesting ornament wreath that may be just perfect for your outdoor Christmas décor. Pull out an old steel hanger from your wardrobe, attach glitter balls to it and this décor hack is ready to be hanged against the wall or against your door. Like the others, it’s simple, cheap and does a nice job!

5 smart hacks for a cheap Christmas décor
Ornament wreath

Alright guys, that’s all we can take today on the blog. We shared 5 smart hacks for a cheap Christmas décor did you find the post helpful? Kindly let us know in the comment section below, we always love to hear from you!

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