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7 Things To Never Put In a Dishwasher

7 Things To Never Put In a Dishwasher

Hello and welcome to today’s post on¬†7 Things To Never Put In a Dishwasher. Celebrations are moments with loved ones that everyone looks forward to, but what comes next after the shenanigans is what we all shy away from- doing the dishes. Some meme I came across some months back on Twitter compared the last born in most Nigerian families to Dishwashers. LOL. There is a lot of truth to that fact anyway. Doing the dishes is a chore that can be tiring because you feel so heavy and full after eating and the last thing you wanna do is sort plates out, storing leftovers and all of that.

Bearing all that in mind, most homes have decided to get Dishwashers, which in my opinion is one of the best kitchen inventions of all time, next to the yam pounder of course ūüėČ

Having gotten that Dishwasher, here are a list of 7 Things To Never Put In a Dishwasher for the sake of their lifespan and your own good too. Read along:


Wooden utensils naturally come with certain oils that makes them dry easily after being washed and left to air dry. When these wooden utensils are put in the dishwasher, they are stripped of this oil dues to the excessive washing, thus leaving them cracked. From time to time, disinfect all wooden utensils with chlorine bleach and warm water.

7 Things To Never Put In a Dishwasher


First of all, these are usually quite expensive and must be handled with utmost care. To prevent chipping, delicate crystal and fine china must be hand washed. Putting them in the dishwasher could over dry them and make pieces fall apart in the case of china that has been repaired before.

7 Things To Never Put In a Dishwasher


The lid of a Pressure cooker contains the valves that control how well the cooker works. In the process of washing it in a Dishwasher, small particles of food are forced into the valves and vents and cause the cooker to malfunction (explode). This would be a disaster were it to happen, hence completely avoid putting it in a washer.

7 Things To Never Put In a Dishwasher


Kitchen utensils with sharp edges should not be placed in the dishwasher for a prolonged Dishwasher lifespan. They can nick the plastic coating on the racks and rust will begin to form.  If you plan on using your dishwasher for a really long time then you must always take this precautionary move.

7 Things To Never Put In a Dishwasher


This is a common material used in making children’s plates because they are lightweight and come in exciting colors. After several washings with a Dishwasher, they usually lose their color and have cracks.

7 Things To Never Put In a Dishwasher


Aluminium cookware turns a dark unattractive color when put in the washer. The result of this could be white spots on the surface from the alkalinity of the dishwasher detergent. Even if the pan is labeled as “dishwasher safe” it is preferable to have them hand washed.

7 Things To Never Put In a Dishwasher


Printed glassware especially those with units of measurement marks on them can clean off when washed in a Dishwasher.

7 Things To Never Put In a Dishwasher

5 interesting ways to store spices

A good number of Nigerian kitchen designs usually do not encourage one to spend long hours in the kitchen. From poor ventilation to the wrong choice of lighting, cooking can turn out to be a major headache for any foodie that spends time in a typical Naija kitchen.  However, it is your job as a kitchen user to ensure that the kitchen is made as comfortable as it can possibly be. Your plate racks, refuse bin and other kitchen items should be properly and strategically placed. One of the kitchen dailies that should be cared for is your SPICES. So today on the blog, you will be reading about 5 interesting ways to store spices in your kitchen.

Now let’s play a little game called The Imagining Game. Now, imagine yourself heading home from the market after a long day at work. Your Mother-in-law had called to inform that she was coming over, which was why you made a quick stop at the market to buy some fresh vegetables and other ingredients for Efo-riro. You get home and she isn’t around yet-very relieving. You don’t like cooking under pressure. Immediately, you unpack the grocery bag and start working your way through the vegetable leaves. Just as the palm oil in the pan starts to sizzle, you try to reach for a knife and mistakenly overturn a bowl of water. At that point PHCN cuts off the power supply! And of course, you had forgotten to buy fuel for the generator. The oil in the pan is over-heating now, causing your kitchen to become smoky. You turn down the heat and rush out to fetch a candle.  A bit of light falls in the kitchen again after lighting the candle. Now you want to add spices to the mix in the pan, but the salt is nowhere to be found, the maggi contain tumbles under the cabinet as you try to reach for it. You are officially in a mess. As you lay low trying to find the maggi container, the doorbell rings…

Moral of the game: Always organise your kitchen and most especially, your spices! 5 interesting ways to store spices below:


5 interesting ways to store spices
Test Tubes

This is a great idea if you’re one of those people who love spices. This DIY test tube rack looks great on a kitchen counter and will give you easy access to your¬†go-to-spices simply empty out 10 spice containers into empty test tubes, pick up a cheap wooden box from any craft store and put them together.


5 interesting ways to store spices
Tic-tac containers

This cute and easy idea is perfect for small apartments or even RV travelers. You can simply empty out used Tic Tac containers and put an assortment of your most-used spices in them. We love how easy this idea is to take with you on the go, whether you tend to cook dinner at a friend’s house or need a few extra spices for a picnic.

5 interesting ways to store spices


5 interesting ways to store spices
Keep your spices together

You probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about your spices, but when you’re looking for that jar of curry or thyme for your party jollof, and you spend endless time digging around your clutter drawer, you’ll wish you had a better ¬†storage system. Keeping your spices together saves you stress and helps you keep track on how often a certain spice is used and when it should be refilled.


5 interesting ways to store spices
Hang them up

The best part of displaying your spices is that they’re often colorful enough to live as decor on their own. A very simplistic idea for showing off spices that just takes a few screw hooks, wire and some clear matching jars. If you go through spices quickly or you have an awkward amount of wall space that can’t quite fit a rack, this is a great way to store and show off spices.


5 interesting ways to store spices

Most of us have unused space between the fridge that goes to waste and this innovative idea is perfect for those tight areas. This rolling drawer can be easily DIY-ed to fit your kitchen and it’s a good alternative if you just can’t spare any extra drawer or cabinet space or your spice collection is too large for a counter top solution.

Whoop whoop!!! Now that was some interesting new information about 5 interesting ways to store spices. Did you find the post helpful? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below, we always love to hear from you.

African Corner: African Table Covers

African Corner: African Table Covers

Today’s topic on our weekly African Corner series is titled¬†African Corner: African Table Covers, and I bet you’ll enjoy it! Sorry guys, pardon my manners, Helllooo! Imagine that I was so excited to introduce the topic that I forgot to be courteous. Just before we delve into this enriching topic of the day, I want us to do a recap of the previous post where we talked about¬†African Floor Lamps. It showed us various pictures of floor lamps doing their thing in the African way. Floor lamps are a great way to add a touch of style to your space. If you didn’t get to read the post you can do that here.

Now let’s get down to business! You remember I said I was excited to talk about this post? Now here’s why. When you live in a large household, especially one where there is no maid, the table can be a place that you find the most random stuff, from car keys to crayons and even shoe laces. Other times, kids inscribe their nearly-there writings on it while adults leave water on the table without dabbing the moisture off. Due to constant neglect of tables, often times they start to look old, unattractive and lacking the lustre that originally led you to buy it. So what do you do, Discard it? Of course not! Drape it with a table cover *winks*

Table cover could be either a full cover or a table runner. I love them both so you’ll get to see each of them as they will be featured in this post.

African Corner: African Table Covers
This is a table runner

African Corner: African Table Covers

Table runners like the name implies means that its usually just a narrow strip of cloth/fabric that runs the length of a table.

African Corner: African Table Covers
Table runner

Table runners are not full table covers. They cover up just the middle of the table.

African Corner: African Table Covers
Look at this vibrant table cloth

Table cloths can be differentiated from table runners through their size and placement. Remember, table runners are used for covering the middle portion of tables, hence, they aren’t large in size while table cloth is usually larger and covers every inch of a table.

African Corner: African Table Covers

This is equally a table runner. Don’t you just love how it was layered with another cane table runner?

We have come to the end of today’s¬†African Corner: African Table Covers post. I really hope you found this useful and will find ways to incorporate it into your home decor. See you same time next week! And remember to use the hastag #DecorhubngAfricanCorner whenever you have any related stuff to share with us.

Thank you!


E se !


Finding the right file cabinet for your office

Hey guys! Welcome to another #MondayToShine! I trust you had an amazing weekend with your family and friends! The weekend is over guys and this is another brand new week to be the best version of yourself. Today on the blog, I would be sharing useful information with us on how to make the best buying choices for office cabinets in this post titled: Finding the right file cabinet for your office. Do not forget guys, we always love to hear from you in our comment section below. Now about file-cabinets in the office, what should one look out for? Read along!

Keeping your office neat, tidy and well organized not only shows a certain level of your professionalism, it also helps you set the right mood with your potential clients or customers. Interestingly, a well-organized office space can also help you be more productive throughout the day. Imagine, walking into a huge pile of used and unused documents stacked high against the wall; not the most pleasant site right? With the right layout and storage tools however, you can make the most out of any office space.


So, instead of stacking heaps of documents on your desk or against the wall, did you know that a classic file cabinet can help you with the proper storage and organization of your documents? Although a lot of information is now stored digitally and with cloud computing tools, there are still plenty operations that require hard-copies of document. Finding the right file cabinet for your office. provides a simple and secure way to make sure that files are easily accessible.

So how do you go about finding the right file-cabinet for your office?  It all comes down to securing a convenient storage that can be adapted to fit your existing office space. The right file cabinet will:

  • Help you stay organized
  • Allow easy access to important documents
  • Provide the right level of security to ensure privacy
  • Easily incorporate into your existing office space
  • Eliminate unnecessary clutter

Types of Filing Cabinet

Lateral: A lateral file cabinet features drawers that extend from the longest side of the cabinet. It provides a wider drawer that doesn’t offer the same depth as other models. This layout may be ideal for smaller spaces where there isn’t enough room to extend a longer drawer into the room. A lateral configuration also allows workers to sift through files from a seated position.

Finding the right file cabinet for your office

Vertical: Vertical models have drawers that extend from the short side of the cabinet. Typically, this means that the drawers offer greater depth. These cabinets are also usually taller than lateral model and will need adequate space to be fully extended and provide easy accessibility to files located throughout the length of the drawer.

Finding the right file cabinet for your office
Vertical file cabinet

Flat: Flat file cabinets are specially designed to accommodate larger documents that are usually laid flat for storage.  This cabinet provides short, spacious drawers that can be used to lay canvases, blueprints and other documents completely flat. You won’t have to worry about causing damage by rolling or folding important files.

Finding the right file cabinet for your office
Flat file cabinet

Mobile: It should come as no surprise that a mobile file cabinet is one that can easily be moved around the office. These cabinets come equipped with casters that allow it to be rolled over carpets and other surfaces. This provides an easy way to transport files throughout the office and push the cabinet out of the way when it isn’t in use. Instead of a permanent cabinet that takes up space, you can store a mobile model under your desk and simply pull it out when you need to access a file.

Finding the right file cabinet for your office
Mobile file cabinet


Having known the different types of file cabinet and what your possible choice/option is, you also need to take into consideration; the cost and size of the file cabinet. Consider the amount of space you can spare in your office. Also consider the volume of documents you will need to store in the file cabinet.

Are there certain features you are looking out for? Security features for instance. This will be determined by the budget you are working with. However be sure to go for a file cabinet that offers as much features without overpaying.

The right file cabinet will help you create a more organized and productive work environment that also provides security to your important documents, however before you go shopping for one, be sure to make proper research!

And that is how we wrap up today’s blog post on Finding the right file cabinet for your office. Did you find it useful? Do you have questions for us? We would gladly hear them in the comment section below!

African Corner: African Floor Lamps

African Corner: African Floor Lamps

Hey guys!  Welcome to another exciting episode of our weekly series #African corner!  This week, we would be going into the world of light in our post titled African Corner: African Floor Lamps.  Are you just hopping on the train? I dare say you hopped unto the right train! On DeccorhubNg #AfricanCorner, we are unapologetically rooting for the African vibes. We are #TeamAfrica, and we are not just team Africa by word of mouth, we are team Africa in our homes, living rooms and kitchens all the way! So if you are rooting for this team, you are definitely in the right place.

Last week we had an amazing time exploring ways in which we can infuse the African theme in our bedrooms in our post titled African Bedroom Decor, you can catch up on the post in case you missed it. It was an exciting episode! Who would have imagined bed sheets made from the popular Ankara fabric! This week however, we would be treating ourselves to a visual feast and less talking as we bring to you some of the finest and innovative incorporation of African prints, sculptures and carvings into floor lamps. Enjoy!



African Corner: African Floor Lamps
Ankara floor lamp

How cute are these Ankara floor lamps ??

African Corner: African Floor Lamps.
Ankara floor lamp


We also managed to get our fingers on these lovely sculpted floor lamps! They are absolutely amazing for office spaces or the study room!

African Corner: African Floor Lamps.
Sculpted floor lamps


This next floor lamp reminds us so much of one of the best animations so far; The Lion King!

African Corner: African Floor Lamps.
Sculpted floor lamp

Alright guys, that is all we can take today on the African corner series. Today we didn’t say much , but then you know what they say about a picture speaking a thousand words? Exactly! And we even had more than a picture, so there’s really a lot to take in from today’s post titled African Corner: African Floor Lamps.

Have you been following the series from the on-set? Have you taken on any African themed designing or remodelling project? Please let us know by sending us a picture. Did you enjoy today’s post and would like to add a thing or two? Let us know in the comment section below, we always love to hear from you! Don’t forget to catch up with the next episode of the African Corner next Thursday. Bye guys!

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Home Decor Ideas for EID

Home Decor Ideas for EID

EID is upon us once again! Today’s post is all about¬†Home Decor Ideas for EID that would be the most cost effective for you, yet fun and unique. You can trust that these ideas won’t break the bank. Please read along:

Letter Balloons– This trend started some 2 years back with birthday celebrations ushering it into the Nigerian social media scene, followed by anniversaries of any sort and even up to baby and bridal showers. The letter balloons come in different colors and you can make your pick as you see fit. To make the most of this balloon as a decoration, I would recommend that you fill it with helium to give it the propensity to float around the house. It is something that the kids could also play with after the celebrations are over.

Home Decor Ideas for EID
EID Letter Balloons

Paper cut out star and moon- This one very cost effective way to have fun with yours kids while decorating at the same time. Thank goodness cardboard and paper are very affordable. Hurry down to the store closest to you and get yourself some! You could also buy glitter pen alongside the cardboard and fill up the cut out shapes. Afterwards, hang them up with strings and voila! You have your shiny moon and stars.

Light up the room with lots of candles- A room filled with candles, especially scented candles, will never go out of fashion. Thankfully, we at DecorhubNG have a plethora of finely scented candles up for sale. A sweet scenting EID is just one click away.

Home Decor Ideas for EID
Candles in a jar

Home Decor Ideas for EID

Add a touch of flowers– If you are having a dinner for EID, get yourself some beautiful flowers and put them in an equally beautiful vase. This will then be put at the center of the dinner table. Getting flowers in Nigeria aren’t as far fetched as many make it seem. It could be a neighbor that those beautiful flowers you’ve had your eyes on. Just walk up to them and politely ask them if you could cut some. I’m pretty sure they would oblige.

Home Decor Ideas for EID
Pink peonies and foxgloves

Paper lanterns- Paper lanterns are equally affordable and can be found in large departmental stores. Agreed that searching for this might warrant you driving all the way out but they are so worth it. Plus they add a certain touch that I seem to be lacking the right word for. At the end of the day, they are worth your drive and money.

Home Decor Ideas for EID

There you go! Pocket friendly Home Decor Ideas for EID.

Wishing you a beautiful EID celebration in advance.



The Eid kabir celebration is fast upon us and I’m sure a lot of our Muslim brothers and sisters are looking forward to spend an amazing time with their family and friends…I should be including in that list as well o, because I’ll be at your doorstep for my meat lol! Now, having all of these amazing people over means there would be a lot of cooking to be done in the kitchen, and trust me, if  not properly  handled your kitchen  can turn out to be a major disaster .  Bear in mind that a beautiful kitchen is a warm welcome to any food that comes out of it, so we definitely do not want our guest turning down food that hours of preparation have been invested in. So how do you keep your kitchen in the right condition with the influx of people and activities that will be taking place in it? Find out in our post titled: KEEP YOUR KITCHEN IN ORDER THIS EID.

Clean as you cook

The first and most important way to go about maintaining a clean and less congested kitchen during this Eid is to clean as you cook. The easiest way to clean up is while cooking not after; this will reduce the time spent in the kitchen. If you wait till after cooking and possibly eating, you will be too tired to clean up, dirty plates are kept until the next day and by then they would have allowed pests/insects to find their way into your kitchen ‚Äď they always do if there are food items lingering. ¬†Now some of you may raise an eyebrow about what I am about to say next, but hey, when you ask nicely, you can get people to do almost anything. Setting the ‚ÄúEat up, wash up‚ÄĚ rule during the EID festivities will go a long way in giving you the needed breathing space in your kitchen.


 Clear counter-tops:

Another way to go about a kitchen with less drama during the EID season is to keep a clear counter top. Most kitchens have counter tops so busy that it is hard for the kitchen to look clean even when it is not dirty. It is so easy to dump so many things on the kitchen counter-top; groceries, blender, pots, basket of onions, dishes etc. The only items that should be on the kitchen counter tops are items that are used daily or needed from time to time since it’s a festive season. i.e. kitchen towels, dishes, and mugs-keep it simple. Keep the counter top clutter free and you will enjoy how airy your kitchen will become.

A clear kitchen counter-top

Organize storage

When I say keep a clear counter-top, I have not asked you to dump all the items you took off the counter top to a corner of your kitchen or on the refrigerator top. To be able to clear your counter-top you need to have somewhere assigned to keep all of the stuff, so find a way to really re-organise your kitchen prior to the week of EID or days before the celebration. Pinterest and YouTube are platforms that can help you find inspiration on organising every space in your house. Set up easy ways for your foodstuff to be stored and invest in storage containers, canisters and baskets to store both perishable and non-perishable items that you will need for the big celebration. This will definitely help you keep your kitchen in order during EID.

Well organised kitchen cabinet

Set rules:

This is by far the most vital and sensitive piece of information on how to keep your kitchen in order this EID. You don’t want to come off too strong or be totally annoying  to your family/friends/visitors, I mean, they are all there because they love you and want to spend the special season with you. However, truth is, if they truly love you, they will not leave your kitchen in a mess and have you do all the cleaning up.  Setting kitchen rules will help minimize the mess and reduce the workload in the kitchen. Everyone should clear their plates after eating, and place neatly in the kitchen sink even if they will not be washing immediately. This will reduce the sight of dirty plates, pots and pans littered all over the kitchen. These rules will need to be re-enforced till it becomes a habit for the family.

Set rules

Well well, there you have it guys. Follow these tips and you sure won’t find I difficult to Keep your kitchen in order this EID. We wish our Muslim friends and families a happy celebration in advance. Did you find this post really helpful? Let us know in our comment section below

7 Tips for Maintaining Fridges, Freezers and Water Dispensers

Hello! Today’s post is on¬†7 Tips for Maintaining Fridges, Freezers and Water Dispensers. I know a lot of people who have quality fridges/freezers but go on to¬†pass blames on the manufacturers on selling them sub-standard products when they in fact, were their own undoing.¬†Maintenance is key! If/When you have a good thing and you do not take care of it, it will die with time. So please take this post very serious, it could save you a whole lot of money and resources.

For Water Dispensers:

  • Unplug the water cooler from the wall¬†when not in use. This is a safety precaution that must be taken for all electrical appliances for a longer life span and for your own safety as well.
  • Clean the water dispenser once a month. This can be done by mixing a solution of water and vinegar. Remove the bottle from the dispenser, pour the vinegar and water solution directly onto the dispenser and drain it through the taps. Alternatively, you can also use a wet sponge to clean the inner surface of the water cooler with the cleaning solution. Rinse out traces of the¬†cleaning solution by using clean and portable water. It is also important that the drip tray¬†(which is usually just below the dispenser taps) must be scrubbed properly.

7 Tips for Maintaining Fridges, Freezers and Water Dispensers


For Fridges and Freezers:

  • Separate¬†Your Appliances. For fridges and freezers, this is about the most important piece of the puzzle. Perhaps you keep wondering why your freezer takes a really long time to cool? This is the reason! The heat generated from other appliances like washing machines and gas cookers can get your fridge and/or freezer to work harder. This means that your appliance will take longer to work, resulting in higher electric bills and lower life span. Think about it. So the best bet is to keep it far away from any heat generating appliance.
  • Inspect¬†and Clean¬†the Gaskets.¬†Gaskets are those rubber seals around the edges of the fridge/freezer door. It is important that it is inspected at least once a month. Check for cracks, wipe it down with a clean soapy rag and afterwards, coat the gaskets in Vaseline. The Vaseline helps it in remaining rubbery, soft and prevents cracks.
  • Don’t Put Hot Leftovers¬†in¬†the Fridge. Most people would be surprised to see this here. Putting hot leftovers in a fridge or freezer increases the inner temperature of the appliance and causes it to over work.
  • Vacuum the¬†Condenser Coils.¬†This is pretty easy and doesn’t take up much of your time. Just get a vacuum, turn off your appliance and begin vacuuming. This takes out all the dust from the fridge/freezer. Dust that accumulates over time weakens the condenser and hinders performance levels of the appliance.
  • Defrost¬†Freezer¬†from Time to Time.¬†Its usually written on the manual. Hygienically, this prevents the build up of decayed food particles hiding under the layers of frost. Also, the interior must be cleaned periodically. Whenever there is a spill, wipe it up.

Now that you know these 7 Tips for Maintaining Fridges, Freezers and Water Dispensers, we hope you benefit from it. To get top quality fridges and freezers, shop on